Industrial & Commercial High Voltage Battery System

Effective and efficient of power supply

Empowering Industries, Energizing Innovation
HV IS001 - The Pinnacle of High-Voltage Battery Systems!

The HV IS001 High-Voltage Battery System is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed for industrial and commercial applications. It provides reliable and efficient power storage for high-demand environments. The IS001 offers high voltage capabilities, allowing for enhanced energy storage capacity and optimised performance.

Discharge Rate


DC Output

204.8V - 768V


20 - 500kWh


High current detection accuracy, two detection loop used

Compatible with 204.8V-768Vdc system

Master and slave design, more stable and safer operation to maintenance system

Reliable communication and Cloud display of data

Support most PCS/PWG in the market, like Sinexcel, Megarevo, Goodwe and so on

Support remote monitoring and upgrading through wifi or 4G mode

Battery Type : LiFePO4

Nominal Voltage per battery: 51.2V

Capacity : 95500mAh /  4946Wh

Working Voltage Range per battery: 46.4V – 56.8V

Work Voltage Range per Cluster: 204.8V – 768Vdc

100A @continuous, 125A Max. – per cluster


Deye, SUNSYNK, Growatt, LUX Power, Goodwe, Voltronic, KODAK, Axpert, Victron etc.